We all have our favorite games and this is mine and hopfoly one of your favorites in the future. Forza 3 offers a wide range of cars for about evryone. Forza is also cool because you can upgrade cars in the game to make them beter. The game also has a rewind buttun incase you mess up wich i think is a good thing to have. Forza 3 also has costimizeble dificulty.

what Forza includes

    Forza 3 comes wright out of the pakege with over 400 real cars.  The graphicks are amazing i mean Forza realy out did themselvs. The game also has a very long story mode you can play for hours and not even come close to fineshing it. In Forza 3 you are also ablle to tune the setup of your car and the mor profesional parts you have the more you can custimize your car. In Forza you can also hire a driver to take a 50% of yor ernings that race the higher driver level you have (wich you improve by winig races) the better your hired driver is the more races he will win and the less damage will be done to your car wich is repared after the race but it costs munny. Also in Forza 3 you are able to download more cars of of the xbox market if ther is a car they dont have that you really whant.